Some details about the person behind Coffee and Soul, Sheba Maini

I am a firm believer in potential maximization for professionals and teams, and have dedicated my career to this belief. I have deep experience with executive coaching and change management training across CXO and senior teams. I have worked across diverse corporate sectors, and with government education bodies. 

I have helped executives excel not just in India, but globally, including India, Bhutan and Papua New Guinea.

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I am a globally trained coach and by virtue of my extensive experience, I excel in creating bespoke interventions to help level up teams and individuals. My coaching experience, which spans over 25 years, draws insights from my foundational 10 year corporate career in sales, marketing, production and retail with multinationals in India and globally. 

I am a global citizen in spirit and a proud resident of Auroville, where I practice mindful living and give back to the community in my capacity as a coach, trainer and facilitator.

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