Self-Sabotage: How and Why

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Self-sabotage can be defined by habits, behaviours or thoughts that act as barriers between what you desire the most in life. It is a feeling that stems out of your mind and discourages you from pursuing an action or a chasing a dream. 

It usually occurs when your mind is at odds with itself, i.e. the conscious and the subconscious disagree about what you must do. If you look at it objectively, its just your subconscious mind trying to be protective, and shielding you from unanticipated pain or fears in the future. The inner-voice that guides the core of our decision-making and encourages us to take part in difficult endeavours seems to hold us back, and sabotage you.

On one side, it seems good: the inner voice protecting us from the unimagined fears and harm. It can be our secret self-preservation mechanism to defend us from the unforeseen. However, it often creates a doubt or hesitation before taking on new challenges. This eventually undermines our success and leads to discontentment in life.

Think of the last time you wanted to try something risqué, but did not. It could running a marathon, or trying a new recipe. The mere fear of getting hurt or losing or failing kept you from trying it in the first place. The self-sabotage ends up being so subtle and indiscernible, that we can not even recognize. Inadvertently, our own actions end up hurting us.

This usually happens when something acts as a barrier between our goal and intent. Let’s identify five main tricks to avoid this:

  1. Identify self-sabotaging habits
  2. Figure out their root causes
  3. Self-reflect and seek your inner positive voice
  4. Make small behavioural changes
  5. Set goals, and make a roadmap

These small changes can go a long way in helping you stop self-sabotaging yourself. For some helpful resources, you can check out what inspires me.

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