Benefits of Silence and A Quiet Mind

Image from Pixabay

Silence is often underrated, with people vying for liveliness, chatter and company of others to keep themselves at peace. What the majority don’t realise is how beneficial silence can be, and how a quiet mind leads to a more fulfilling life.

Physiologically, noise causes stress and makes our brain and body more tense. On the other hand, silence works in the opposite way, and relieves that stress and tension from the brain and body. The same can corroborated by changes in blood pressure and circulation, in silent and noisy environments.

What does having a quiet mind actually mean? It means you think when needed, and keep your mind calm otherwise. You focus on the task ahead, and then silence your thoughts and conscious mind once that is over. This way, you focus more, think better and get a clearer picture of what you need to do. With silence, you understand everything better, your comprehension skills improve, and your awareness about the things that surround you evolves.

Silence, accompanied by a quiet mind makes us more compassionate and empathetic; by muting the background noise of our minds, we can focus on others, and evolve in to better, more helpful versions of ourselves. We also become more mindful about life, living beings, and our surroundings. Thus, improved compassion and mindfulness lead of increased well-bring in our lives.

To sum up, some key benefits are:

  1. Improved cognition
  2. Better intuition
  3. Discovering your purpose
  4. Improved relationships
  5. Higher level of emotional stability

To practice silence and quieten your mind you can meditate, practice deep breathing, journal or exercise – whatever works for you. For some helpful resources, you can check out what inspires me.

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