Of Introverts

It is often perceived that introverts are shy, quiet people who are like wallflowers, i.e. always hinging on the edges and never coming into the spotlight. However, this couldn’t be farther from the reality.

Introverts are individuals who feel recharged after spending time alone, according to Dr. Jennifer Kahnweiler, author of The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength. “It’s kind of like a battery they recharge,” she says. “And then they can go out into the world and connect really beautifully with people.” 

2008 study published in the Journal of Motor Behavior found that introverts take a longer time to process information than extroverts. Kahnweiler says this is actually because they process more thoughtfully than extroverts do — they take extra time to understand ideas before moving on to new ones.

This simply implies that introverts are thoughtful people

they are confident enough to spend time with themselves and feel stimulated. They don’t require external stimulus, and hence, are confortable spending time by themselves.

This is a beneficial trait because in this age of physical isolation and social distancing, given the pandemic, people who are happy to be by themselves and don’t seek company, are better off mentally. They also have a lower threshold of dopamine, the chemical that makes us feel good. This implies that they easily acquire happiness, and are satisfied with simple pleasures of life.

Some main benefits of being an introvert are:

  • They are great listeners
  • They use measured words, i.e. they think before they speak
  • They are keen observers of their surroundings
  • They have lasting relationships, owing to their thoughtfulness
  • They make compassionate leaders

Hence, the next time you feel conscious about your introversion, simply think of it as a gift that keeps on giving.

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